Monday, August 6, 2012

A'PIEU : Poreless White Clay Mask

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Hi there....
I am so happy blogging...
Tonight I am going to post a mask that I have used for these past few months...
It is a clay mask but it has some effects :
~ pore tightening
~ whitening
~ reduce oil

Some pictures of the product
It comes in a tube, so simple and clean(because it is in
The inner side of the tube
The mask is very thick, yeah it is a clay...
You can see that it covers your pores, it's so good for tightening the pores
Apply to the whole face and neck....(sorry it's kinda scary hahaha...)
It brightens my skin a bit, make my skin a little dry, but it also makes my skin clear
(hahaha... I cropped the pict, because it is a bit blurry)
what i feel is remove my oil, specially on my nose (it is so oily...)
my skin feels a little lighter and of course my pores also become smaller (the one on the nose area)
sorry i can't take a clear image...

Product Information :
It's A'PIEU : Poreless White Clay Mask
~ pore tightening
~ whitening
~ reduce oil

100 ml
I bought it online on one of the online shop on facebook
It is reallllyyyy cheap for a mask... I got it only for $8 - $9 or IDR 88.000

The Effect :
I realllllyyyyy love it so much....
It really does the pore tightening, whitening, and reducing oil....yay so happy ^^
It gives a refresh look and feel...
so cheap and it also gives an instant effect ^^
hmmm maybe i will buy this again....but i wanna try another masks hahaha... 

Thank you for reading... hope you love it and find it great.............. xoxo~~chi

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