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THE FACESHOP : Face It Magic Cover BBcream SPF 20/PA++

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Hi guys !!

I am going to review my favorite bbcream from the Faceshop...hehehe
I got this bbcream for long time already... and now i have the chance to review it... hurrayyy !!!! ^^

okay... i am going to make a confession...
actually i bought this bbcream because i really love the endorser of this product.. Kim Hyun Joong...
hahahaha... i really love his handsome and cute face... such a pretty boy... hyaaaa...

He is so cute right..... really want to be his girl...^^
okay let's back to the topic hihihi... i am a bit lost here...

The Function :

A BB Cream that perfectly covers skins imperfections giving your skin a natural beautiful look
Complete Coverage: Perfect Cover fix Powder gives fine coverage and covers skin pigments, fine lines and freckles like magic.
Skin Treatment Effects: An anti-aging function product that cares for skin when wearing makeup. Natural ingredients keeps skin youthful and healthy
Soft dewy texture
45 ml

How to use:

- After basic skin care, take an appropriate amount and smooth onto face ( my tips: for oily skin i reccomend to use it straightly without any other skin care products...^^)
- Lightly pat onto face for better absorbency (not really need to.. but it works^^)

Here is the bbcream

I lost the top urrghhh...

I took it  way too much... (left picture)
It is bbcream #2 with natural beige shade
After i blend it all over my hand (right picture)

Tadaaaa.... Here is my selca while using the bbcream...

The Effect :
It is perfectly cover my pores...
My skin looks perfect...really perfect...
My tips here : i don't  use any powder after the bbcream...^^
It is matte already (in my skin even the product says that it is soft dewy)
long lasting of course hahaha ( ' v')

Thank you for reading... hope you love it and find it great.............. xoxo~~chi

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