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INNISFREE : Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask (Hard)

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Hi everyone.....!!!
It is a nice bright and sunny day today hahaha...^^
I am going to share my favorite mask all the time....

Yupzzz it is from the famous brand INNISFREE !!!!
Yay finally i make thsi review....
Actually i have both of the type soft and hard...^^
Unfortunately i lost all of my pictures while wearing the soft type...huwaaaa....
(and right now i already give it to my boyfriend T__T) 
But It's okay... I can share my experience while using the hard type...which is much much better ^^

Let's have a look at Innisfree :

How could we not love the products ???

Here is the products 
Left is the hard type - Right is the soft type 
What is the different ?
Hard : 2 times ingredients than the soft
It is more effective I think
(based on my experience)
The jar is plastic so you don't need to worry about breaking it..^^

Of course Innisfree is 7-Free
1. Free Artificial Fragrance
2. Free Artificial Pigments
3. Free Paraben
4. Free Benzophenone
5. Free Ethanol
6. Free Animal Ingredients
7. Free Mineral Oil
(Such a great products!!!)

Forgive the bad picture..lol
This is me while wearing the hard type..
The color of the mask is slightly darker than the soft..
The soft one is more light (brownie white) and the hard type is like the color of the jar
The texture of the mask is creamy jelly...so soft ^^

You don't need to worry that this mask will harm you
Like i've mentioned it is 7-Free
It won't caused any allergic reaction
Thanks Innisfree since i have a super sensitive skin...^^

This mask is concerned with your pore problems
Blackheads, whiteheads, too much oil, big pores, uneven and dull skin, and acne problems
well... when i am wearing this mask i feel that it's moisturizing my skin...
but it doesn't make my skin oily ^^
The pictures below are my skin condition after the mask had removed..^^

The pore is tightening and my skin become brighter
There are no whiteheads or blackheads

I am so satisfy and happy with the result...
If you ask me can i use this mask as a daily mask ??
Yesssss Indeed hahahaha...
It is not dangerous for your skin...
But i won't suggest it to people with dry skin (at least use it for 2 times a week)
*Take note that this mask won't dry your skin...

How to use the mask :
1. As a face mask
Take appropriate amount of the mask
spread over your face and neck (if you want to)
leave it about 10 - 15 minutes
wash it with luke warm water
2. As Whiteheads and Blackheads remover only
Take appropriate amount of the mask
spread over your nose (don't be too thin or thick)
spread it until you can't see any pore revealing
leave it about 10 - 15 minutes
wash it with luke warm water
3. As Acne control
Take appropriate amount of the mask
put it over your acne
leave it until it dries
wash it with luke warm water

The Result :
I am really satisfy and happy...
I really do...
It gives a lot of benefit skin tightening and of course your pore too, brightening, acne control, and moisturizing
will i repurchase ? of course..
This mask really works... and i am not lying...
since this is my own experience...^^

Thank you for reading... hope you love it and find it great.............. xoxo~~chi

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