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MISSHA : M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA++

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Hi all !!! It has been a long time since my last blog....
Sorry I haven't had much time, since i have to prepare for my move... T__T

I won't take it too long... well i will share my favorite bbcream...
yay It is the famous Missha : M Perfect Cover BB cream...

This is a great value bbcream... the function, the outcome, and the price... all really worth it...
This bbcream comes in 5 range shade... that is 13(milky beige), 21(light beige), 23(natural beige), 27(honey beige), and 31(tanned beige)....
wow this is rare.... really rare....

The Function :

Multi Function BB Cream 
This 3-in 1 BB Cream which evens and whitens skin tone white preventing aging process with advanced covering effect 

Perfect Coverage
It covers blemishes effectively while making the skin looks natural and splendid with smooth texture and finish.  

Perfect on you skin 
Containing Rosemary extracts and Camomile extracts with skin calming effect, Gatuline RC with skin resilience effect (extracted from beech bud), moisturizing ingredient of hyaluronic acid and ceramide with moisturizing effect, it keeps the skin comfortable and moisturized. 

Excellent UV Screening Effect 
SPF 42/PA+++ You don't need to apply sunblock separately

What's in  :

Camomile Extract 

It has anti inflammation and soothing effect, also helps to restoration of skin cell and weakens allergic reaction.

Rosemary Extract 

It prevents from skin aging with calming, soothing, anti fungal and anti oxidization.


It is a main ingredient which consists of stratum coreneum and keeps the skin moisturized with moisture holding effect.

Hyaluronic Acid 

It is one of NMF(natural moisturizing factor) ingredients which is made by the latest BIO technology. It protects skin from irritations or bacteria and keeps the skin moist while creating thin and transparent barrier on the epidermis.
Gatuline RC

It is extracted from beech bud, promotes metabolism and holding energy effect, so that it is effective for firming and moisturizing effects.

So, here are some pictures :

This is the small version.... 
It is only 20ml... The fullsize is 50ml

The tube is simple and the color is the maroon red...
My shade is no.21
see the spf is soooo high for a bbcream
It is also so awesome....
I mean it has whitening system, anti-wrinkle system, and blemish fix system
ouuuuuu so great !!!

The back side of the tube

The shade is in light beige no.21
This color blends well on me....
LOVE this so much..!!!

After I blend it on my skin

My skin looks smoother right...
but it has a low coverage because i only put a few hahaha...

YAY !!! Finally my selca...
Oh anyway i had my hair cut.... ^^
It is so smooth right....
really awesome

The picture above is in daily light...(sorry i had the wrong light)
The picture below is taken in a room with light

The Effect :
Well to tell you the truth i really love this bb cream...
It is perfect like its name...
OMG !!! The smell is so nice, the texture is creamy and easy to blend...
The color range is awesome too...
It doesn't break me out nor clog my pore...^^ YES !!! YES !!!
It means that it doesn't make my face oily (greasy)... I also don't see any whitehead pop up...^^
The staying power is also awesome... It can take a whole day... wow !!!
does it heal my scar or acne ? YUPZZZZ !!! It makes your scar or acne better... i mean it... ^^
does my skin become brighter and whiter  ? YES YES YES !!!
wrinkle ?? hmmm as for now i have no wrinkle... but i hope this can prevent the wrinkle...
Oh the price ?? 
It is very very cheapppp.... 20ml for 90.000idr - 110.000idr
50ml for 170.000idr - 190.000idr.... it is very cheap right

Thank you for reading... hope you love it and find it great.............. xoxo~~chi

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