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MISSHA : Signature Real Complete BB Cream

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Hi everyone....!!!
How have you been ?
This is my new post and the first in 2013...^^

Before reviewing this famous bb cream let me say :


It's not too late right...hahaha

Okay today I am going to share my experience while using Missha BB cream.
It is The Famous Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream
which can do so many things to your skin as mention below :

A premium line of BB Cream that contains Skin Lipid that soothes and stays with perfect coverage effect and UV protection (SPF25 PA++)
+ Whitening + Wrinkle cure functions.

Here is some information about this bb cream :
The Function: 
Skin Friendly Ingredient 
A skin friendly ingredients, Skin Lipid and peptided Amino Acid Complex strengthen skin's natural moisturizing fact (NMF) and balancing oil and moisture of the skin.  

Perfect Coverage for 12 Hrs 
Fine particles created by Micro multi rolling grinding technology and skin melting botanical ingredients perfectly adheres to the skin. Keeps the even skin tone for up to 12 hours and perfectly covers blemishes and flaw in light application. 

Less Irritation
Contains organic Natural heeling complex certified by ECO-CERT of Europe and free of 7 harmful factors to less irritate the skin.

Moisturized base makeup 
Contains skin regenerating Peptide complex, skin soothing anti oxidant Ginko leaf water and other 50 botanical complex to provide abundant moisture and nutrition to skin.

What's in this product ??

Skin Lipid 
Important Lipid that exists between the skin cells that maintains our skin elasticity, firmness and moisture.
*Effect of Skin Lipid Multi liposome skin lipid penetrates deep in to the skin to regenerated damaged skin cells.

Patent Ingredients 
-Amino acid complex (patent no. 0490212)
-Anti aging ingredients containing amino acid
-Natural Healing complex (patent no. 0431076) contains natural extracts that has effects to cure Atopic dermatitis

ECO CERT certified organic ingredients 
- Lavender extract (anti bacterial, skin protecting)
- Chamomile extract (skin soothing , anti oxidant)
- Olivem900 (Kind of Emulsifier) - Titanium Oxide (UV protecting white powder)
- Iron Oxide (kind of mineral pigment)

7 FREE elements (wow this is great !!!!^^)
Paraben Free / Non Chemical Mineral Oil Free / GMO Free / Triclosan Free / Benzophenone Free / Alcohol Free

Both Picture (above and below) are the fullsize of the BB cream

I really curious and want to try this product, 
since so many people say that this product is heavenly good
Well... I don't really want to waste my money if I didn't like the product
so I came to a decision that I should buy the sample first..hahaha

The color is light and the bb cream's texture is so thick and creamy
(well it said that it can moisturized your skin...)

what I was thinking that time is Can this blend well ?
hummm Let's check my next picture...^^

Well I am so sorry i really forget to take picture when i blend the bb cream...
okay I am too exited to see the result duhhhhh....>.<
So here are some picture of me wearing the bbcream...

Room with less light...^^
I am really happy with the result after applying the bbcream...
It makes me happy..^^
It blends perfectly on my skin...^^

Of course I put some make up on... hihihi...
I only used the bbcream (no concealer or powder)
I added some blush on and Lipstick
I also drew my brow...^^
If you want to know the make up I use just leave comment below..^^

The Result :
Uhmm well as you can see at my picture above I am quiet satisfy...
It is perfect and smooth..
Also it is really easy to blend...
but after a few hours of use...T___T sadly it makes my skin greasy ..... T__T
suddenly my nose has some whiteheads... OMG !!!! 
Well I really disappointed with this product because of this... because it ruins my whole look...T__T

Thank you for reading... hope you love it and find it great.............. xoxo~~chi

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