Tuesday, December 18, 2012

THEFACESHOP : White Tree Snow Hydra Advanced Emulsion

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Well as I promise you, here is the review of my daily skincare products...
Here is the famous The Faceshop White Tree Snow Hydra Advanced Emulsion

It consists of 120 ml lotion-like with a very moisture type... (it leaves a great moist skin)
I use this as my morning skincare... 
It is very light and a little bit running hahaa....
and the most important is the smell of this product is really calming... i love this ^^...
It's okay,,, because it is a soft fragrance

The Function :

A daily whitening emulsion that sinks in the skin smoothly to get rid of dryness of the skin.
Get adequate amount and evenly spread out on your entire face.

Here is the picture...

White Tree Snow Hydra Advanced Emulsion
It makes my skin moist
It is save for my oily-combination skin
It is also save for my ultra sensitive skin

It is a little bit running
but you can see that it is also has a little bit thick texture
The color is white and the smell is awesome...

see how it changes my skin to be brighter and have more moisture ^^

The Effect :

Overall I really love this skincare line...
It is last long... I bought it early this year when i was in Korea... and it is still 3/4 empty...
I highly recommend this skincare line for all skin type... but for people that have a high patient...
The whitening effect doesn't come in first apply, but in several weeks 1 to 2 weeks.. and gradually increasing..
For best result you must use all of the line... ^^

Thank you for reading... hope you love it and find it great.............. xoxo~~chi

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